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The resources you find on this site were created by Paul and Karen Mason.

We have both been teaching for over twenty years and have taught K-6, special education and Karen has taught in distance education. We have five children and we live on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia.

My main interest is in creating resources to support mathematics. As such, this site is mainly dedicated to maths worksheets.



Some of the maths worksheet collection was originally created (Back around 1999 – 2001) to support the parents and students of Bargo Public School where I worked at the time.  I created a school web site and uploaded a little over 600 worksheets.


I quickly found (from the many emails received back around 2001) that these worksheets were being accessed by people all over the world.

That was a pleasant and encouraging surprise.

Now, a decade later, I have finally continued to develop this collection.


I had always planned to create a web site for these (and many more) worksheets; however other commitments have prevented that until now, December, 2009.

This worksheet collection is now available for download at

NO permission is given to any individual or organization to include these worksheets on any other web site.  You may however, include a link to my HOME PAGE (www.teachyourchildrenwell.com.au) so that others can have quick access to them.


You will notice that the original collection of 600 plus worksheets have `Facilitators Ferriswheel’ in the footer. That was going to be the name of the web site. However, after almost a decade of procrastinating, we thought of a different name.

Note: These maths worksheets exist to support other forms of quality teaching. They are for revision, refinement, extension and to challenge children.
They are also to save parents’ and teachers’ TIME!




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